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Honors Professional of the Year Awards

The deadline for this Award is Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 11:59 pM.

Please click here for the application.

The Northeast Regional Honors Council annually recognizes at least one outstanding honors professional each year. Students and colleagues are encouraged to nominate honors directors, honors faculty, or other honors staff members for this recognition. To qualify for this recognition, the honors professional must continually demonstrate a dedication to honors education at his/her honors program/college. This individual is passionate about honors, an advocate for students, and embodies the values of his/her honors program/college. The honors professional might also have worked to engage honors ideals outside their home institutions through book or article publications, participation in intercollegiate projects, NRHC and/or NCHC conferences, service to their communities, and more.

Multiple parties may nominate the same individual for the award. 

Winners will be announced at the NRHC Awards Ceremony. Their names and photographs will be listed on the NRHC website. 

Please click here to access the application. Again, applications are due by Wednesday, March 8 at 11:59 p.m.


Past Winners


Administrator Category:

Dr. Chauna Craig, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

Faculty Category:

Professor Scott Rudd, Monroe Community College


Administrator Category:

Dr. Rivka Glaser, Stevenson University


Faculty Category:

Dr. George Branch-Trevathan, Thiel College 


Administrator Category: 
Dr. Elizabeth Gruber, Lock Haven University 

Faculty Category: 
Dr. Tara Parrello, Dominican College


Administrator Category: 
Helen Fallon, Point Park University 

Faculty Category: 
Bruce Wigutow, Monroe College 



FOY Nomination
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