NRHC Student of the Year Awards

The Northeast Regional Honors Council annually recognizes two students as Student of the Year–one from a two-year institution and one from a four-year institution. The two students selected for an NRHC Student of the Year Award must have demonstrated scholastic excellence and must have made a significant impact on their honors program. The award recognizes academic excellence, outstanding leadership skills, socially engaged contributions, and innovations that the students have shown at their home institution. In addition, the winners are role models for other students in their honors programs and have demonstrated commitment that is above their peers. The selected students might also have worked to engage honors ideals outside their home institutions through participation in intercollegiate projects, NRHC and/or NCHC conferences, service to their communities, and more.

Winners will be announced at the NRHC virtual conference. Students will be recognized with a plaque and their pictures and biographies will be displayed in the Hall of Fame, located on the NRHC website.


A completed application must include a nomination from a faculty or staff member and an application from that student.

The deadline to apply for this award has passed.

2019 NRHC Student of the Year at a 4 year institution Haleigh Swan (right) with Past President Helen-Margaret Nasser.

2019 Student-of-the-Year award winner from a two-year institution Lope Jan Williams, from LaGuardia Community College, with NRHC President Kathryn MacDonald.