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Publications Contest

The deadline for this Award is Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 11:59 pM.

Please click here for the application.

The Northeast Regional Honors Council is proud to announce its second annual Honors Publication Contest. 

Any current member of NRHC is invited to participate if your honors program or college has its own publication. Valid submissions include newsletters, magazines, or journals that are produced in-print, electronically, or both. Both student-run publications and staff-run publications are eligible. 

Publications that celebrate news in your honors program/college are eligible. News “bites” may include but are not limited to activities in honors, profiles of people in honors, updates, events, awards, community happenings, and more. However, publications that include more “feature-length” work, whether fiction or nonfiction, are also welcome. Publications can also include student artwork, photography, or essays that present student research. Ultimately, all publications are welcome so long as they are produced by the honors program/college. 

The publication submitted must have been published between April 2021 and now. Entries with a publication date prior to April 2021 are not eligible.

Judges will evaluate submissions in the following areas:


  1. Content – The content should support the overall purpose and mission of the publication, give readers a variety of topics/subject areas to explore, and be written/presented articulately and professionally.

  2. Design – The publication should be visually appealing and engaging in keeping with its format. Print publications or publications created as PDFs and distributed electronically should be laid out in a style appropriate to the publication type. Publications that are exclusively published on a blog or website should take full advantage of the multimedia tools available in the online setting.

Notification: Winners will be announced at the NRHC Awards Ceremony.

Again, the deadline to apply to this award is Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Please fill out the application here.

Past Winners


Newsletter Honorees:

1st Place - Merrimack College's The Northview

1st Place - Shippensburg University's .hnrs

2nd Place - Westfield State University's The Squirrel Squire

3rd Place - Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Cook Honors College

Journal Honorees:

1st Place - Rutgers-Camden University's The Undergraduate Review

2nd Place - Thiel College's The Lectern

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