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NRHC 2021 - Idea Exchanges

Zohra Ahmed, Notre Dame of Maryland

“Altruism as a Function of Major Health Issues”

Joshua DiNapoli,
Southern New Hampshire University

“Epigenetics and Environmental Factors: How Does Location Impact Epigenotype?”

Mackenzie Healey, Westfield State University

“How Can Honors Programs Build Community in Remote College?”

Elizabeth Johnson and Caitlin Grant, Post University

“Virtual Honors Program -Can it be a Reality?”

Linda Kobylarz and Rebekah Johnston,
Post University

“Rethinking Honors Contracts: Adding the Student's Voice by Connecting Career Soft Skills to Academics”

Ravyn Malvino, Adelphi University

“Starting a Blog During a Pandemic"

Briana Stephenson, Molloy College; Alaina McKenna, Gannon University; and Darryl Peterkin, Morgan State University , ,  

“Illuminate -The NRHC Student Journal”

Downloadable Supplemental Materials:

Illuminate: Volume 2

Thomas Mespelli, Westfield State University

“Using Lessons from Semester COVID to Increase Student Engagement in an Honors Program Community"

Megan Paluzzi, Russell Sage College

“Saving Democracy one Screen at a Time”

Xander Williams, Southern New Hampshire University

“Cozy Corner Café”

Downloadable Supplemental Materials:

Overview of Cozy Corner Cafe

CozyCornerCafeLogo - Williams - Xander W

Theresa Wilson, Post University

“Honors Club in the Time of COVID: Successes, Lessons Learned, and Possible Solutions for the Future”

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