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Statement by the Executive Board of NRHC On the Murder of George Floyd

09 June 2020

The Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC) condemns in the strongest possible language the systemic racism and culture of dehumanizing indifference that led to the horrific and unjustifiable murder of George Floyd.

We stand in support of the Floyd family and the many other families of African Americans whose deaths were neither recorded by cameras nor prosecuted in our courts of law.

We stand in support of those who have taken to the streets throughout the nation and are exercising their First Amendment right “to peaceably assemble” and demand that government and law enforcement reform how communities of color are policed.

We abhor the senseless violence and destruction of property by those who seek to use this moment of national reckoning to satisfy their individual interests.

As an organization devoted to the encouragement and support of Honors education and the free and open exchange of ideas, NRHC cherishes the ideals of diversity, civility in public discourse, and civic engagement. We hold in highest esteem our responsibility to prepare the rising generation for roles of creative, conscientious, and sustainable leadership in society.

We also agree with the National Collegiate Honors Council Statement: “Today (and every day) the NCHC supports and values educational equity and non-discriminatory practices. As an organization of institutions, honors educators, students, and staff, it is our responsibility to promote the inclusion and success of academically motivated and high-potential learners from ALL communities, understanding that each of us holds varied, intersectional identities. We stand with all the communities hurting and healing today. We are listening to you, learning from you, and ready to advocate for solutions to build a stronger, more united academy.”

Further, NRHC would like to issue a call to its membership to start a Diversity and Inclusion Committee. This committee will develop a plan of action to increase diversity in NRHC, contribute to NRHC materials dealing with issues of diversity, and work to fulfill the intention of this statement. Any honors administrator, faculty member, staff member or student of an NRHC member institution can volunteer. If interested, please email

Those programs looking for resources to engage students and faculty in dialogue about systemic racism may find the following list useful:

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