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NRHC 2021

Infrequently Asked Questions: Finding Solutions to Impossible Problems

March 30th - April 11th

Conference Information

This year's conference will take place virtually in April 2021. We are excited by the many new and creative ways we can further the traditions set by past conferences, including interactive student presentations of all kinds, a prominent keynote speaker, a common read with a live author Q&A, resources for Honors administrators, and much more. The conference will feature events spanning several weeks culminating in a weekend of student presentations April 10-11, 2021. 

View the brief overview of events here.

The full conference program is here.


Presentation lobby is here (to view posters, idea exchange, art gallery, and 'how to' for live presentations)

Presenters should submit materials here

Click here to learn about the 1st ever City as Quest!

Click here to learn about our Keynote Speaker, Christine Smiriglia of Pathways to Housing PA.

Click here to learn about our Distinguished Author, Cody McDevitt, our Common Read book, Banished from Johnstown:

Racist Backlash in Pennsylvania, and our first ever Student Essay Contest.

Big Picture Discussion Materials

Faculty/Staff discussion: Wednesday, March 31st from 7-8 p.mHonors programs and colleges have long grappled with the criticisms that honors lacks diversity in the composition of its student body and that the traditional honors curriculum perpetuates intellectual and societal inequity. The Big Picture Discussion is designed to be an initial effort to address the issue of diversity in honors at all levels, from recruitment and retention of students, to curricular development, to graduation. Come ready to leave your preconceived notions and cookie-cutter solutions at the virtual door, and join us in a lively and frank dialogue.

Reading Links:

Honors Enrollment Management: Toward a Theory and Practice of Inclusion, National Collegiate Honors Council (2020)

MacDonald, Kathryn M., "Taking on the Challenges of Diversity and Visibility: Thoughts from a Small
Honors Program" (2019). Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council --Online Archive. 615.


Mead, Angela D., "Socioeconomic Equity in Honors Education: Increasing Numbers of First-Generation and Low-Income Students." (2018). Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council --Online Archive. 576.

Walters, Giovanna E, Angela Jill Cooley, Cooley, Angela Jill & Quentina Dunbar. "Opening Doors to Engage a More Diverse Population in Honors: A Conversation." (2019) Honors in Practice, Volume 15

Big Picture

To Register: Click Here

Registration Price -

  • Regular Registration - $99

Early registration has now passed.

Conference Theme

This year’s conference theme is “Infrequently Asked Questions: Finding Solutions to Impossible Problems.” Perhaps more than ever before, our upcoming conference will serve as a call-to-action to presenters to identify problems on a local, national, or global scale, and seek out attainable and necessary solutions. Click here to read the conference theme.

Opportunities to Publish

  • We would like to encourage you to submit your presentation electronically to the NRHC journal, Illuminate. We encourage submissions across all presentation platforms:

    • Poster Presentation -  submit your finished poster as a PDF file or PowerPoint

    • Paper Presentation -submit the paper you based your presentation on 

    • Roundtable Presentation  submit any handouts or a paper that you based your presentation on

    • Idea Exchange Presentation -share any materials or ideas with the membership 

    • Art Gallery Presentation - submit photos of your work

  • The form to submit your work can be found here.

  • You may also opt-in to having your piece reviewed for the official 2021 edition of Illuminate.As we begin to receive submissions, our Illuminate team will start to upload them to the website. If you have any questions, you may reach out directly to the editors of Illuminate at hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

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