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Infrequently Asked Questions:

Finding Solutions to Impossible Problems

Conference Information

We are an organization that thrives on our ability to meet in person and celebrate higher learning. The reality that we must face in the coming year and beyond is that we will have to find alternative ways to achieve our mission. After a great deal of consideration, we have determined that the safest and most practical venue to host the 2021 NRHC conference is via a virtual platform. While this reality is disappointing, we are excited by the many new and creative ways we can further the traditions set by past conferences, including interactive student presentations of all kinds, prominent keynote speakers, a common read with a live author Q&A, resources for Honors administrators, and much more. While the specifics of the schedule have not yet been finalized, the conference will feature events spanning several weeks culminating in a weekend of student presentations April 10-11, 2021.


​Click here to submit a proposal.

  • Monday, November 23rd – Deadline to submit proposals     

  • Friday, December 18th - Decisions to be sent out.

Conference Registration

Registration Price -

  • Early-Bird Registration - $75

  • Regular Registration - $99

Registration Deadlines -

  • Monday, January 4th – Early bird registrations opens

  • Friday, February 19th – Early bird registration ends

  • Friday, March 2nd - Deadline for presenter to register

  • Wednesday, April 7th – Regular registration ends

Rollover Policy - All institutions who previously paid for registration to the 2020 conference in Albany, NY and opted to roll those funds over to 2021 can indicate this during the registration process. Any institution still carrying additional rollover credit can apply it to the 2022 NRHC conference.

Conference theme

This year’s conference theme is “Infrequently Asked Questions: Finding Solutions to Impossible Problems.” Perhaps more than ever before, our upcoming conference will serve as a call-to-action to presenters to identify problems on a local, national, or global scale, and seek out attainable and necessary solutions. Click here to read the conference theme.

Student Proposals

Submitting a Proposal

For detailed proposal submissions instructions, follow the steps below:

Step 1—Study the conference theme. The conference theme provides some context for the conference. The theme will give an overview of the major ideas proposals should tackle. This is a good time to set up a meeting with an honors director or faculty member to discuss potential ideas. You can access the 2021 conference theme here.

Step 2—Choose your presentation category. Choose between a paper presentation, poster presentation, roundtable, idea exchange, or art gallery submission. Which format is best for you? If you can’t decide, ask your honors director or mentor for guidance.

Step 3—If you are proposing a paper, poster, or round table, review the strand descriptions. Select which best fits your idea. 
Step 4--Write the proposal. Come up with an intriguing title that clearly states your project’s intent and makes a connection to the theme. Your project summary, or abstract, should be no more than 300 words. Use an objective, third-person voice. Include relevant statistics and data. And be sure to state the goal of your project—what will the audience learn? The evaluation rubric can be found here.

Step 5—Your director will need your email and registrant ID number to enter his/her contact information and indication of approval on your proposal. Once you have your honors director’s approval, you should go to the online proposal system and submit. The final deadline is Monday, November 23rd, 2020.

Step 6—You won’t have long to wait. Proposal notifications will be sent out Friday, December 18th.

Policy Regarding Proposals Already Accepted in 2020 

  • As was noted when we initially postponed NRHC 2020, proposals that have already been accepted to that conference will be automatically accepted to the conference in 2021. All students will still be required to complete the Call for Proposals process in order to officially re-submit prior proposals. Students who re-submit have the option to make small changes to their proposals that may reflect updated research or uniformity with the new theme. Students who wish to submit an entirely different proposal than was previously accepted may do so, but they will not be automatically accepted and will be subject to review.


student activities committee

I’m a student and I would like to join the events committee. How do I do that?

  • Fill out an application and wait for a response.

  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • Email Taylor Bennett and Sanskar Marahat (nrhcstudentreps@gmail.com), this year’s student reps, with questions.

Opportunities to Publish

  • We would like to encourage you to submit your presentation electronically to the NRHC journal, Illuminate. We encourage submissions across all presentation platforms:

    • Poster Presentation -  submit your finished poster as a PDF file or PowerPoint

    • Paper Presentation -submit the paper you based your presentation on 

    • Roundtable Presentation  submit any handouts or a paper that you based your presentation on

    • Idea Exchange Presentation -share any materials or ideas with the membership 

    • Art Gallery Presentation - submit photos of your work

  • The form to submit your work can be found here.

  • You may also opt-in to having your piece reviewed for the official 2021 edition of Illuminate.As we begin to receive submissions, our Illuminate team will start to upload them to the website. If you have any questions, you may reach out directly to the editors of Illuminate at illuminatenrhc@gmail.com.We hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

program cover art contest

Each year, the cover art for our conference program is designed by a student. This is a fantastic way to expand an art portfolio or resumé. For their submission, the winning artist will receive a certificate and a $100 Amazon gift card.


What are the specifications for the program cover contest?

  • Submissions should illustrate, exemplify, interpret and embody our theme (Infrequently Asked Questions: Finding Solutions to Impossible Problems).

  • Submit designs to northeastregionalhonorscouncil@gmail.com  by November 23rd, 2020.

  • Design specifications: 

    • 11” x 17” 2-page spread, four-color (CMYK color mode) full bleed art work.

    • Front cover: (right-hand side of layout) Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference, logo (front or back), title of conference "Infrequently Asked Questions: Finding Solutions to Impossible Problems,"and dates of conference (April 10 – 11, 2021).

    • Back cover: an extension of front, or completely different image, name of the artist.

See examples of previous cover art below or visit our past conferences page for additional examples.



Contact us at northeastregionalhonorscouncil@gmail.com.

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