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2024 Elections

2024 NRHC Executive Board Elections

Please consider running for a position on the NRHC Executive Board, and/or encourage your students to run.  This work is extremely meaningful insofar as it directly benefits honors students in the region by providing them with professional, academic and experiential opportunities.  Further, for those of you needing external service for tenure and promotion purposes, please consider that Executive Board service is a gratifying and meaningful way to boost your CV.


If you are (or if your student is) interested in running for one of the following Executive Board positions, please send the required candidacy information, which includes a candidate's statement and a headshot by Close of Business on Monday, May 20. The Nomination form is linked at the bottom of this annoucement and on the website banner announcing the election.


Student candidates must secure a letter from their director(s) affirming program/institutional commitment to support travel expenses to attend the three meetings of the executive board (July site planning meeting, fall business meeting during the NCHC conference, and the Albany conference).  This letter must be included with the candidate's statement and headshot. Please note that NRHC will provide up to $1000 in travel reimbursements to each student representative.


Elected candidates are strongly encouraged to attend the summer planning meeting (date TBD), Elected candidates are also expected to attend the upcoming NCHC conference and attendance at the NRHC conference is required. Each executive member receives a stipend.


Note:  If you wish to nominate someone else, please secure that person's agreement to run before submitting his/her name.


The following positions are accepting nominations:


Vice President (1 open position): Elected for a one-year term and shall be a member of the faculty or administration of any member institution in the Region. The Vice President shall succeed automatically to the office of President-Elect upon the election and installation of the new Vice President. The Vice President shall succeed to the office of President-Elect should that office become vacant.  The president-elect co-chairs the organizing of the annual regional conference; the service of vice-president, president-elect, and president is a three-year commitment to the region. 

Faculty Board Representative (1 open position): Elected to a two-year term by a vote of the membership of the Region. Faculty Board Representatives may serve no more than one consecutive term.


Student Board Representatives (3 open positions): Elected to a one-year term by a vote of the membership of the Region. Student Board Representatives may be elected to additional one-year term.  The two student representatives plan three key student socials (Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings) of the conference, advertise to students, advise students on what to expect, maintain the region’s Facebook page with text and photos, and may coordinate with local student volunteers to help with City-as-Text, the registration table, and other tasks as needed.


Treasurer (1 open position): Elected to a 3-year term, the Executive Treasurer, shall maintain and publish a current membership list including names and addresses of institutional representatives, and shall serve as liaison with the National Collegiate Honors Council. The Executive Treasurer shall collect and manage all Regional funds, and may sign contractual obligations on behalf of the Region or may designate another officer or standing committee chair to do so. The Executive Treasurer may approve fiscal and contractual obligations of less than $501. Fiscal and contractual obligations greater than $500 but less than $1001 require approval of the Executive Treasurer and the President or the President’s designee. Fiscal and contractual obligations of over $1000 require the approval of the Executive Board.


Publications Officer (1 open position): The Publications Officer shall be elected for a term of three years and shall be a member of the region. The Publications Officer shall maintain any and all publications on behalf of the Region, including, but not limited to, the conference program and the undergraduate research journal Illuminate. The position shall include the following duties: Oversee the publication process, including soliciting submissions, editors, and/or reviewers as necessary; Organize and maintain publication formatting and structure; Create the annual conference program; Maintain archives of publications.


You can find the NRHC Constitution and By-Laws here: 

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