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NRHC 2024 for Faculty/Directors!

Faculty Representatives Gwen Kay (SUNY Oswego) and Amy McMillan (SUNY Buffalo State) would like to welcome you to the 2024 NRHC meeting! We will be sponsoring two main events – first, on Thursday, April 4th at 8:30 pm please join us in Chambers for the Big Picture Discussion: AI in Academia. Feel free to read the attached article as food for thought and as we consider questions such as: How are you incorporating or rejecting Generative Artificial Intelligence in your classrooms? Are you preparing students for a future with AI? How or why not? Has your campus talked about AI and job losses or job changes for the future? How do we look to the future and bring AI issues to Honors and our campuses?

Second, join our Consultants at the Consultants’ Corner Event in Governor C after the Presidential Luncheon on Saturday. We will have these three options:

  • “Beginning in Honors” with Chris Matthews from Southern New Hampshire University

  • “The Ups and Downs of Student Engagement: How to Get and Keep Students Involved” with Srujana Kanjula from Community College of Allegheny County and Jessica McCort from Point Park University

  • “Year One: Building Trust, Support, and Independence in First-Year Honors Students” with Matt Baran from SUNY Buffalo State.

This is also a great time to network and connect with colleagues from around the Northeast region!

We are very excited to see you this year – it will be a great opportunity to connect in person! See you in Albany next week!

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