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Student conference attendees are encouraged to submit essays in response to this year's Common Read book, Banished from Johnstown: Racist Backlash in Pennsylvania. Submissions should be in response to one of the following two prompts:


  • Why do you feel that this event has, up to this point, not been better remembered within the greater narrative of American history, even by the citizens of Johnstown?

  • Compare and contrast the historical events leading up to Mayor Cauffiel’s order in September of 1923 to the current cultural and political landscape of the United States today.

Submissions should be between 500-1,000 words. Please send submissions to no later than Monday, March 29th. A committee of honors faculty and staff will determine the winner of the essay contest based on a rubric of strong writing skills, adherence to the suggested prompts, and excellent grammar and punctuation.

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