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NRHC Board nominations open - due May 22

The NRHC Executive Board is seeking candidates for a number of key positions! Nominations must be completed by no later than Monday, May 22nd 2023. Self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged. A link to the nomination form and information about what to submit are included below. We are seeking candidates for the following positions:

Vice President

  • 4 year term

  • The Vice President, when elected, assumes a four year rotation on the NRHC Executive Board. The first year, the Vice President serves a liaison to the Student Representative and helps to coordinate some aspects of the annual conference. The Vice President then succeeds to the office of President-Elect and serves as Co-Chair for the annual conference. The President-Elect then succeeds to the office of President, leading the organization and co-chairing the annual conference. The President succeeds to the office of Immediate Past President for the fourth and final year of the term.

Executive Secretary

  • 3 year term

  • The Secretary is takes and disseminates minutes at all board and council meetings, maintains the NRHC document repository, and regularly monitors the NRHC Gmail account – sending membership wide emails and responding to queries.

Web Coordinator

  • 2 year term (Note: Normally, the Web Coordinator position is a 3 year term. However, because this position was vacant after the last elections, a Web Coordinator was appointed for a 1-year term, so the candidate elected will complete the remaining term of 2 years.)

  • The Web Coordinator needs a facility for learning new technologies and some basic design sense but no coding or programming knowledge is needed. The Web Coordinator maintains the Council's website, coordinates the Call for Proposals system and the Conference Registration process in collaboration with our vendor.

Faculty Representative (ONE position open)

  • 2 year term

  • The Faculty Representatives plan and coordinate the Big Picture Discussion and Consultants' Corner during the yearly conference as well as several Decompression Chamber sessions throughout the year. Faculty Representatives assist in proposal review and panel formation for the conference, and they are exclusively responsible for the review and award of Minority Scholarships for the conference.

Student Representatives (TWO positions open)

  • 1 year term

  • The Student Board Representatives are elected to a one-year term by a vote of the membership of the Region, but they may be elected to additional one-year terms. Student Representatives plan all the student events that will be taking place at the next NRHC conference. This includes the student social on Thursday, the Art Show, Open Mic night on Friday, and the student gala on Saturday night. Additional duties include:

  • Attend the conference in-person and assist with pre-conference set-up, the registration table, and post-conference wrap-up responsibilities.

  • Attend the Summer Planning meeting in June 2023, visiting the rooms to be used for student events at the conference.

  • Create flyers and maintain extensive social media promotion and marketing leading into the conference.

  • Staff and maintain the Student Activities Committee.

  • Lead the Student Caucus.

To review the Council's Constitution and By-Laws, click here.

TO NOMINATE A CANDIDATE: Are you ready to nominate yourself or someone else? Super! If you are nominating someone else, please contact the candidate to make sure they are willing. Once you complete the initial nomination, the candidate will need to submit a candidacy statement and a head-shot photo to NRHC via email. If you are self-nominating, you'll be able to upload the required materials right on the nomination form. Start the nomination HERE.

If you have any questions about the positions, the election process, or about the nomination process, please send an email to

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