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NRHC 2021 - Poster Session

Social Sciences A-L

Elyseia Brown, Monroe College

“Power to the Farmers”

Hailey Burton, Gallaudet University

“The Truth Behind Language Deprivation”

Mileiris CalcanoMonroe College

“The Aggression in Law Enforcement: Who's Really to Blame?”

Quinn CeillyState University of New York at Oswego

“An Examination of Mental Capability and Abnormality: How Intelligence, Anxiety, Overthinking, and Rumination Af- fect Mental and Physiological Functioning”

Maeve Conlon, St. Francis College

“Young Muslims in Brooklyn”

Diana Guaman, Monroe College

“Rediscovering Voices of Empathy - A Revolution”

Amija JamesMonroe College

“Good Mental Health: A Problem Avoided by the Black Community”

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