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NRHC 2021 - Poster Session

Science, Mathematics, and Health A-G

Amal Suleiman AdamuUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore

“Extracts From Super-Fruits and Medical Herbs as Active Ingredients of Natural Pesticides Formulations”

Chiamaka Anyanwu, William Paterson University

“Maternal Mortality Among African American Women: An Integrative Review of the Literature”

Fidelia Asomani, Notre Dame of Maryland University

“The Solution to Your Yeast Infection: The Effect of Oxidative Stress on WOR1 in Candida Glabrata”

Rica Baltazar, William Paterson University

“Exploring the Preceptor Role: Preceptor's Perception of Support and Commitment to the Role”

Jordan Bowes, Lock Haven University

“Nonmedical Prescription Stimulant Use Among Health Science Majors”

Nicole CavaliereNorthampton Community College

“The Increased Accessibility of Mental Health Care”

Katelyn Cox, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

“College Students' Attitudes on Intent to Receive Influenza Vaccination”

Katrina Deckinger, Thiel College

“The Discovery of Aquaman”

Seth Dietrich, Gannon University

“Diabetes Management in the Developing World”

Josselyn DonahueWestfield State University

“Speaking the Truth of the Eugenics Movement's Horror Stories in the Age of Genetic Engineering”

Allison DoverspikeGannon University

“Brazil's Soy Moratorium is Preventing Some Deforestation in the Amazon”

Timothy Edwards, Gannon University

“Combatting Desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Jean Ganek, Westfield State University

“Investigating the Origins of Same Sex Behavior”

Greta GeorgeGannon University

“Water Quality in Pakistan and Possible Solutions”

Danielle Gioffre, Saint Elizabeth University

“Rising to Power: Women in STEM”

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