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NRHC 2021 - Poster Session

Science, Mathematics, and Health H-R

Marissa Iraca, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

“Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work: Machine Learning with Temperature Sensing Quantum Dots Data”

Amanda Ivos, William Paterson University

“Physically Disabled Nurses”

Nandini JojodeAdelphi University

“Characterization of a New Player, The LSH3 Protein, in a Well Characterized Hormone Signaling Pathway in Arabidopsis Thaliana”

Megan LuceyPenn State Scranton

“The Impact of Artificial Organs on Organ Failure Patients”

Grace Mangis, Gannon University

“Geothermal Energy in Iceland”

Erin McClain, Community College of Allegheny County

“Advocacy Beyond Earth Day: Persistent Pollution, Poverty, and Public Health”

Matthew McDonaldMount St. Mary's University

“Yelling Fire in a Movie Theater: Creating a Crowd Panic Simulation Program”

Mary Brigid McManus and Drew O’ConnorMolloy College

“A Solution for Inclusion: How Environmental Migration Disproportionally Affects Disabled Individuals”

Rachel MoutisWilliam Paterson University

“How Does Nutrition Affect Mood in Young Adults?”

Samantha Musso, Marist College

“Influence of Upstream Impoundment Prevalence on Downstream Harmful Algal Concentrations”

Nishi Natalia and Julia SendatchShippensburg University of Pennsylvania

“Understanding Pennsylvania Tick Population and Tick-borne Disease Dynamics: A Retrospective Analysis of Archived Databases from 2008-2020”

Joshua Ozawa-MorrielloWilliam Paterson University of New Jersey

“Patient Blood Management: Effectiveness, Global Implementation, and Nursing Education”

Maria PenaWilliam Paterson University

“The Effects of Bullying in the Workplace on the Nursing Profession: A Systematic Review of the Literature”

Kristina PickeringNotre Dame of Maryland University

“Analysis of the Genomic Sequence of the Gromphadorhina Portentosa and its Microorganisms”

Malayna RoweShippensburg University

“NSAID Usage Patterns and the Possible Negative Side Effects in Shippensburg University Student Athletes”

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